About Zoom Building Services

With over 25 years experience in the building and coating industry, Zoom Building Services (ZBS) was incorporated as a sub division of Zoom Construction Solutions which is within the Internationally recognised group of companies, Zoom Enterprises.

This exciting development ensured ZBS received the financial and administrative support required to achieve our long-term growth strategy.

Zoom Enterprises recognised the potential growth of ZBS through their proven track record in delivering a complete service from conception of a project through to completion.

As we move into the next era of growth, we remain committed to providing outstanding customer service, with our emphasis and focus shifting to new, innovative and environmentally safe products and services.

Our previous experience has been diversified with a focus on providing the following services and projects:

  • Installation of television scenery
  • Providing specialised floor coating services to local developers and housing providers
  • Fully certified to provide ongoing repair and maintenance to the London Underground on Network Rail
  • Facilities maintenance and scheduled work in residential homes such as full installation of bathrooms and kitchens
  • Successful projects using the DOFF environmentally friendly steam cleaning system on residential roofing, paving stones and gravestones.


Zoom Building Services was incorporated into the Internationally recognised group of companies

We’re delighted to work with ZBS as one of our official court construction partners. ZBS are extremely professional and produce quality jobs tailored to the spec of our locations, and working to our budgets.

Daniel GrantDirector, UK Wallball

The professional power washer he uses is a great service and ensures the prep work before paint is applied is top notch. He cleared and cleaned our front patio gardens too at no extra cost.

Suzanne CurryZBS Customer

The true testament however, comes from our kids and our players who love to play on the courts that ZBS have built for us. They were also the team behind the elite courts for our  large scale international events.

Daniel GrantDirector, UK Wallball

I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to recommend Dave and his team. I will be using him again, that is a fact. He is a very personable but efficient and professional guy who always delivers.

Suzanne CurryZBS Customer